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Playing Fair - The story of Fairtrade footballs

How are footballs made? And what do footballs have to do with Fairtrade? To find out, we go to Sialkot in northern Pakistan to see the production process first-hand. We speak to stitchers and workers in two factories who talk about the difference that Fairtrade has made to their lives. Thank you to Bala Sport for helping us to tell the story of Fairtrade footballs. You can buy Fairtrade footballs at Bala Sport (balasport.co.uk) and Etika Sports (etikasports.com/en). For more about Fairtrade Schools, visit fairtrade.org.uk/schools. Written and produced by the Fairtrade Schools team  Directed & Filmed by Jon Bilbrough  Presented by Frankie Vu  Visuals by Simon Hurdle, Whitestone Media  Music by Jon Bilbrough

Lesson plan for schools

A simple, engaging lesson plan for towns groups to use in schools. This resource includes instructions, a powerpoint presentation and an activity sheet. 

Fairtrade Fortnight press releases

Add your own details to this template press release and send it to local press contacts to promote your events this Fairtrade Fortnight.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 headlines

Headlines for making your own resources

Fairtrade - a sustainable choice

Learn about how relevant Fairtrade is to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Fairtrade and Islam resources

Use this range of resources exploring Fairtrade and Islam to engage with mosques on Fairtrade.

Fairtrade 25th birthday quiz

Four rounds of Fairtrade related quiz questions to celebrate 25 years of the FAIRTRADE Mark. 

Fairtrade producer images

Use these images of Fairtrade producers, along with a crib sheet about each person, to build your own promotional materials. There are images of each producer in different formats (web and print) for your use.

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