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You can call us at +1 613 563 3351.

Fairtrade Canada Staff

  • Interim Executive Director: John Young (ext. 590)

Business Development and Commercial Relations

  • Director of Business Development: Helen Reimer (ext. 220)
  • Director of Commercial Relations and Marketing: John Marron (ext. 290)
  • Coffee Account Manager: Jose Abad-Puelles (ext. 380)
  • Account Manager: Gariné Aintablian (ext. 320)


  • Outreach and Marketing Manager: Mélissa Dubé (ext. 250)
  • Digital Manager: Ian Brown (ext. 260)
  • Communications Specialist: Gabriela Warrior Renaud (ext. 350)

Mark Integrity

  • Mark Integrity and Office Manager: Evelyne Valade (ext. 630)
  • Mark Integrity Analyst: Etienne LeRiche (ext. 640)
  • Mark Integrity Coordinator: Stilyana Stoimenova (ext. 270) 

Finance and Administration

  • Director of Finance and Administration: Janet Riehm (ext. 600)
  • Bookkeeper: Debbie Kealey (ext. 230)

Fairtrade Canada Board of Directors

  • President: Jennifer Williams (Director-at-large)
  • Vice-President: Michael Zelmer (CSO - Fair Trade Vancouver)
  • Secretary: Madison Hopper (CSO - Fair Trade Toronto)
  • Treasurer: Mark McLaughlin (Director-at-large)
  • Bill Barrett (Licensee - Planet Bean)
  • Jennie Coleman (Licensee – Equifruit)
  • Andres Gonzalez (Producer - Cooperativa Manduvira)
  • Ian Hudson (Director-at-large)
  • Jeff Moore (Director-at-large)


Office Location

As of April 1 2017 we have a new office address. Our office is now located at 800 - 250 City Centre Avenue, Ottawa, ON  K1R 6K7.

You can find directions to our office here.