New Executive Director - Julie Francoeur

Julie Francoeur

Dear Stakeholders,

The Board of Fairtrade Canada is thrilled to announce that after a thorough process that involved many highly qualified and skilled candidates we have selected a new Executive Director to lead the organization forward. 

Julie Francoeur started her career with Equiterre in Montreal working on a Fair Trade Cotton and Responsible Clothing campaign. Over the past 8-years Julie has worked with Fairtrade International at all different levels, from working with sugar and banana producers in the Caribbean, to leading teams and operations in Argentina, the Caribbean and Haiti. In 2015, Julie turned her attention to building Fairtrade Argentina where she was able to successfully develop large corporate accounts with national and international retailers, food companies, wineries and consumer groups.

Julie has a breadth and depth of knowledge in Fairtrade that is difficult to find in Canada and we feel fortunate to be able to benefit from this as we grow Fairtrade certification and momentum in Canada.

To learn more about Julie please visit her LinkedIn profile here.

Julie’s start date with Fairtrade Canada will be July 10th. Prior to that she will be joining members, the board and staff at our Annual General Meeting in Ottawa. If you would like to join us, please let us know, the date is June 16th

The Board is extremely grateful to John Young who stepped in in September as our Acting Executive Director. John has done an excellent job of supporting the organization in this leadership role during a time of transition. We are pleased to also announce that John will be continuing with Fairtrade Canada on a part-time basis moving forward.

We are also grateful to Shannon Brown who also joined us in September on a 6-month contract to support this transition. Shannon is not far, she is currently working for our allies Fairtrade America in Business Development from the Fairtrade Canada office.

We trust that you will join us in welcoming Julie to Fairtrade Canada and that you will join us in continuing to build a growing and thriving movement that benefits producers in the Global South.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out,

Jennifer Williams

Fairtrade Canada Board Chair