Fairtrade in your coffee shop

Across the country, from food service outlets to independent cafes, your support for Fairtrade not only meets the demands of consumers, but most importantly means farmers and workers can put enough food on the table for the people they care about, all year round.

It’s a chance to show your customers that when they buy your Fairtrade products, the farmers and workers behind them have been paid a better price, giving them more control over their lives.

Taste the good in your coffee highlights both the social and environmental ‘good’ of Fairtrade, via the Minimum Price and Premium, but also the good quality and taste, resulting from farmers investing at least 25% of their Fairtrade Premium in quality and productivity programmes.

1. Use the Printed Materials

We have a limited number of our new Taste the good in your coffee point-of-sale kits available to order in English or French, while supplies last, to help you convey your Fairtrade sourcing commitments. Kits are only available to cafes and coffee shops selling Fairtrade certified coffee, i.e. with the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 double sided poster
  • 5 table talkers
  • 1 window cling
  • 5 coffee infographics

To order please email retail@fairtrade.ca stating the brand of Fairtrade certified coffee that you sell.

2. Fairtrade Coffee Digital Toolkit

Fairtrade isn’t just about fair prices, because injustice is never simply a numbers game. Fairtrade means fairness for workers, strong environmental standards and a vision of human rights for all – no exceptions. 

Use this Fairtrade Coffee Digital Toolkit to help you communicate about Fairtrade with your audiences.

Fairtrade Coffee Digital Toolkit

3. Communicate Online

Share your Fairtrade commitment through social media channels, using the brand new Taste the good in your coffee resources for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These can be downloaded here, where you will find digital assets (images and pictures) with ready to post messages for all major social media channels.

If you want to adapt these assets just let us know! Write to us at retail@fairtrade.ca and we’ll be happy to assist you.