Fairtrade Sourced Ingredient

The Fairtrade Sourced Ingredient (FSI) model expands the ways in which farmers can access world markets on Fairtrade terms.

After a very successful pilot in Germany and Austria, the General Assembly of Fairtrade International voted unanimously to extend the model to other countries, including Canada, and for all commodities which Fairtrade Standards exist, with the exception of coffee and bananas.

The intent is to allow Canadian businesses an alternative way to work with Fairtrade, thereby increasing the benefits received by farmers and workers in the Global South. A manufacturer can now make a commitment to one or more specific commodities for use as ingredients in finished products. For example, all the cocoa in a chocolate bar range, or all the sugar in a line of cookies.

The introduction of this model in Europe has already resulted in significantly increased sales for Fairtrade farmers, meaning even more impact for their farms, families and communities. The Fairtrade Minimum Price and Premium are the same for FSI sales as they are for all other Fairtrade sales.

FAIRTRADE MarkThe familiar FAIRTRADE Mark with a black background will still appear on the many products which follow our ‘all that can be’ model which means that ALL ingredients for which Fairtrade Standards exist are sourced as Fairtrade.

FSI MarkNew FSI Marks with a white background will be used on products in which specific ingredients are sourced as Fairtrade. The FSI Mark will state which ingredient is sourced as Fairtrade.

Expanding the ways in which farmers can get better access to world markets on Fairtrade terms is vital to give them a better deal and help tackle challenges such as commodity price fluctuations. 

Learn more with our 2-page PDF about FSI.

More details on FSI will be provided here as the program expands and products with the FSI Mark are introduced onto the Canadian market.