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What about Genetically Modified Organisms?

There has been much concern among consumers over GMO crops. Many worry about the risks of environmental contamination and it has been argued that producer dependence on use of GM seeds could outweigh the benefits of the crops. The Fairtrade system’s environmental standards and guidelines currently forbid the use of GM seeds by farmers, and encourage active monitoring in nearby fields. However, it may not always be possible for small farmers to prevent contamination from a neighbouring field, and therefore we do not label Fairtrade products as 100 per cent GM free.   Read the Q&A on Fairtrade standards and Genetically Modified Organisms

How do I stock Fairtrade certified products in my shop?

You can find everything you need to know on our How to stock Fairtrade page.

How does Fairtrade labelling work with composite products?

Many Fairtrade products, such as coffee, tea, flowers, sugar and rice are 100 per cent Fairtrade. However there are other products, such as cakes, biscuits, ice cream and chocolate, in which the ingredients are a mixture of Fairtrade ingredients from developing countries (such as sugar, cocoa, honey and vanilla) and ingredients sourced more locally from UK or European farmers (such as milk, flour or eggs). These are known as ‘composite products’. To take account of this, the Fairtrade Foundation has developed requirements for where and how the FAIRTRADE Mark may be used based on Fairtrade International policy. The main principles of these requirements are: - 100 per cent of any ingredient that can be Fairtrade certified, must be Fairtrade certified. - Any product may carry the FAIRTRADE Mark if more than 50 per cent of its total ingredients (calculated by dry weight) are sourced from Fairtrade certified producer organisations. - If the total Fairtrade certified ingredient content is less than 50 per cent, the product may still be eligible if it has one significant Fairtrade ingredient that represents more than 20 per cent of the product’s dry weight. An example of a significant ingredient might be an orange juice drink made of 20 per cent Fairtrade certified orange juice and the rest water. More information about product certification and these requirements can be found in the Fairtrade standards. Download the Fairtrade International Composite Policy

I want my business to stock and sell Fairtrade products

If you are a restaurant, caterer, cafe or retailer, we can help you provide Fairtrade products for your customers. If you run a restaurant, cafe or you are a retailer, use the guide below to help you find a supplier of packaged Fairtrade products. Why and where to buy Fairtrade for your business. See the National Fairtrade Purchasing Guide. Contact us if you operate at a regional or national level, and are seeking to bring more Fairtrade products into your business. Visit our product pages to find information about the different finished products that carry the FAIRTRADE Mark in the UK.

I want to serve Fairtrade products to my employees and colleagues within my own business

If you offer Fairtrade coffee, tea and sugar within your workplace you can celebrate your commitment by becoming a Fairtrade Workplace of Worldchangers.

I want to sell finished Fairtrade products wholesale to other businesses

Contact commercial@fairtrade.org.uk to discuss being listed in our National Purchasing Guide.

I want to work with Fairtrade on a programme to address challenges in my supply chain

Contact commercial@fairtrade.org.uk to find out more about what programmes we offer.

I would like advice on sustainability challenges and strategy from a Fairtrade expert

Contact commercial@fairtrade.org.uk to discuss our Expertise services.

I want to carry the FAIRTRADE Mark on my products

If your business owns finished products which you sell on to wholesalers, retailers, distributors, food service companies or directly to the public, you can become a licensee and carry the FAIRTRADE Mark on your goods. Hundreds of companies are already licensees with the Fairtrade Foundation, proudly showing the FAIRTRADE Mark on their products. When you become a licensee, you will receive: - Help compiling and updating your Fairtrade supply chain to make sure your product and its ingredients meet our rigorous ethical guidelines. - Access to national promotional activities for you to participate in and benefit from. - Regular updates and email with the latest Fairtrade news, including information about Fairtrade retail sales and ways to get more involved with our work - Tools and advice on how to use the FAIRTRADE Mark effectively. There are four simple steps to becoming a licensee: Step 1. Call us on 0203 301 5001 or email us to find out more. See our 'Learn More' checklist to understand what you need to work with Fairtrade.  Step 2. FLOCERT (the independent Fairtrade certification and auditing organisation) will contact you to confirm your certification needs. Step 3. Complete the licensing application form and pay registration fee.  Step 4. Countersign licence agreement for your business and submit product details for approval. Learn more - Check there are Fairtrade standards for your products. - Research Fairtrade suppliers. - Understand the Fairtrade Trader Standard which explains our requirements for companies. - Check your product composition meets our guidelines. - Contact us to find out what fees are involved. - If you are not UK based, another National Fairtrade Organisation may be better placed to help you.

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