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Share the love this Valentines as Fairtrade launches in luxury London florists

As sales of Fairtrade flowers from 2019 raise £1.3million for investment in social projects to benefit the workers behind the blooms, the Fairtrade Foundation announces a unique new initiative that will enable even more UK consumers to share the love and for the first time, support a community in Ecuador to benefit from the industry’s most high-impact and transparent solution to sustainability. 

Celebrity speakers join Fairtrade fortnight flagship events across the UK

Manchester, York, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Oxford will host special flagship community events this Fairtrade Fortnight (24 February-8 March 2020) that will feature keynote speeches from two West African women cocoa farmers and panel discussions with other inspirational women from the UK.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 She Deserves

The UK is a nation of chocoholics, but many of us don’t know the bitter truth of exploited farmers behind much of the sweet chocolate we enjoy.

Fairtrade draws attention to the gender pay gap in chocolate

Fairtrade’s campaign is shining a light on the exploitation experienced by women farmers. It calls on companies to pay living incomes to cocoa farmers by 2030 to meet the UN’s Global Goals to end poverty.

Fairtrade welcomes new cocoa floor price in Cote d Ivoire and Ghana as benefit for farmers

Bonn, June 13 – Fairtrade today welcomed the announcement by the governments of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana to implement a floor price for cocoa of US$2,600 per metric tonne.

Queen Award

The Fairtrade Foundation is honoured to announce today, on Her Majesty’s 90th birthday, that it is the recipient of one of the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development 2016.

Coffee Festival

Today, The Fairtrade Foundation is launching a range of new marketing materials at London Coffee Festival (7-10 April).

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