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Masauko Khembo - KCG, Malawi

Masauko is General Manager of Kasinthula Cane Growers Limited, a company owned by KCG farmers through the Shire Valley Cane Growers Trust.

Mr GB Henriksen - UNTE, India

Mr Henriksen has been employed by The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Co Ltd (UNTE) for 18 years.

Vinay Devaiah - Thiashola Tea Estate, India

Vinay Devaiah has been manager of Thiashola Tea Estate since June 2006.

Sandra Joseph - WINFA, St Lucia

Sandra Joseph is a banana farmer from the island of St Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean.

Massatoma Mounkoro - MOBIOM, Mali

Massatoma Mounkoro is the son of cotton farmers and now works as Manager of MOBIOM’s Centre of Competence.

Gerardo Arias Camacho - COOCAFE, Costa Rica

Gerardo Arias Camacho is a coffee farmer and a board member of his local Llano Bonito coffee co-operative.

Fair Trade Alliance Kerala, India

FTAK is a small farmers’ organisation located in South India that grows coffee and many other products including cashew nuts and tropical spices.

Gumutindo Coffee Co-operative Enterprises Ltd, Uganda

Gumutindo coffee co-operative was formed to improve the livelihoods of its farmers, who rely on coffee for their main income.

Juliet Arku-Mensah - VREL, Ghana

Juliet’s role as Fairtrade Officer includes supporting VREL in complying with Fairtrade Standards and maintaining its Fairtrade Certification.

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