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Shakti Ellenwood

Exquisite Craftsmanship. Exceptional Ethics. Buy now


Supplying natural, responsibly-sourced products since 1977. Buy now

The Pearls of Samarkand

For top quality Fairtrade organic plant-based GF products from The Pearls of Samarkand brand. Buy now

The Rock Hound

The Rock Hound are The Gemmologist Jewellers known for taking responsibly sourced, raw materials to create bold design-led pieces. As proud Fairtrade licensees, they are bringing the aesthetics to ethics. Buy now


Tootsievalentine® is an independent, British, fine designer jewellery brand creating wearable objects of affection in Fairtrade gold. Using heartfelt symbolism, precious keepsakes are created for discerning, free-spirited individuals who love expressive glamour, meaningful luxury and a touch of enchantment.  Buy now

Vanilla Bazaar

A family business providing high quality, well priced vanilla products from Madagascar. Buy now

Ute Decker

A pioneer of the ethical jewellery movement, Ute’s unique and limited edition sculptural jewellery art is exhibited internationally. One of Ute Decker’s famous hand sculptures in Fairtrade Gold is in the Victoria & Albert Museum, the first piece in Fairtrade Gold in the museum’s collection.  Buy now

White and Green

The finest organic cotton bed linen and throws for the ultimate sleep experience. Luxury bedding made to last. Buy now

Wicked Coffee

Coffee excellence is at the heart of everything we do, and we are totally committed to ethical trading. Buy now

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