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A pioneering Fairtrade winery Stellenbosch Vineyards is converting some of its Arniston Bay wines to Fairtrade, in collaboration with a leading UK retailer.

Fairtrade Foundation at the Labour Party Conference

Fairtrade Foundation will host an event at this year’s Labour Party conference on how private sector partnerships can benefit women farmers and workers

Celebrate this festive season with a Fairtrade twist

This festive season Fairtrade is making sure that you bring joy and happiness not only to those who receive your presents, but to the 1.4 million of farmers and producers in developing countries who made them.

Failure to engage farmers in PPPs could exacerbate poverty

Governments and international development partners must do more to ensure that smallholder farmers can play an active role in the design and development of agricultural PPPs

Brits are not as fair as they think they are

Fairness is often touted as one of the great British values. But new research released today by The Fairtrade Foundation challenges this, revealing that Brits don’t always play as fair as they’d like to think.


Thousands of children in primary schools will be hosting the UK’s first Fairtrade Bakesale Party, to celebrate Fairtrade’s 20th birthday this autumn.

Fairtrade International Annual Report 2013 to 2014

Continued 15% growth in the market, more support and services for farmers and workers

EU Import duties on Kenyan flowers threaten future of Fairtrade producers

Fairtrade urgently calls for the EU and Kenyan government to find a solution which guarantees continued duty-free access for Kenyan cut flower imports, to protect the livelihoods of thousands of Kenyan flower workers and their families, before 1 October deadline.

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Retailers, jewellers, designers, goldsmiths and casting houses have signed up to take part in the Fairtrade Foundation’s bridal campaign ‘I Do’ next spring 2015.

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