Fair Trade Campuses

All across Canada, students at universities, colleges and CEGEPs are doing great things to make their campuses more ethical.

A Fair Trade Campus is one that has made a commitment to supporting and educating about fair trade. Supporters ensure that as many Fairtrade products as possible, including food and drink, are available in as many places as possible in and around their campus. Increasing the use and sales of Fairtrade products can have a huge impact for producers and their communities.

They also raise awareness of fair trade with students and staff and the benefits that it brings to workers and farmers in the Global South.

If you are on Facebook, you can also join the Fair Trade Campus group.

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    Become a Fair Trade Campus

    Universities, colleges and CEGEPs are known for providing higher education and have a rich history of leadership in supporting social justice and generating new ideas. They are also powerful agents of change with significant purchasing policies that can impact their community as well as the farmers and workers in the Global South.

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    Involve the Campus

    Create visibility of your efforts to get your Campus designated. Activities, promotional stunts, flash mobs…. the possibilities are endless to introduce students and staff to the concept of fair trade, and provide them with opportunities to sample Fairtrade certified products. 

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    Designated Fair Trade Campuses

    There are currently 36 Campuses in Canada that are Fair Trade designated and there are many more on the way! Is your Campus next?