Reina's Story

Reina Maria Ureña is a Fairtrade worker and has big dreams for herself and her family.

ReinaReina has worked on a banana farm for a cooperative in the Dominican Republic for several years.

One of the Fairtrade Premium projects she benefits from is vital school supplies for her children. Although she loves to walk, she has also been able to buy a bike which allows her to get to and from work and around her community much more easily.

The same cooperative has also recently built a housing development for some of its workers. When a number of people had their own houses damaged by severe flooding, they were offered rent-free housing in the development. This allowed them time and resources to restore their homes while living in safe and decent conditions.

Reina is a dreamer. Her two main goals are a bigger house to better accommodate her three children, and a motorbike to make getting around even more efficient. Reina’s message to consumers in Canada is to continue to buy Fairtrade bananas because this benefits farmers and workers a lot.

With Fairtrade, Reina and her family have access to education and are improving the quality of their lives in rural Dominican Republic.

Feed Empowerment. Choose Fairtrade.

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