Real Lives

Beatrice, Wilson, Reina and Ben face a struggle to get by. They need to sell more of their Fairtrade products to meet their challenges and build better lives for their families and communities.


Beatrice Boakye

Beatrice grows cocoa but finds the times between harvests difficult on her family. Read Beatrice's story.


Wilson Pedroso Lima

Wilson wants to keep farming his land so that his son can take over the farm later in life. But it’s not easy. Read Wilson's story.


Reina Maria Ureña

Reina is worker on a Fairtrade banana farm with dreams of what she will be able to do in the future. Read Reina's story.


Ben Moffat

Ben wants to increase his crop but there isn’t enough to pay for the new tea seedlings because he has to buy food to eat. Read Ben's story.