Take Action

Many of the farmers who grow the products we love are trapped in poverty. Act now to help feed empowerment.

It’s time to get as many people as possible in your community, school or workplace to help empower the farmers and workers that work hard for the things we depend on. Whether you’re a small town or a national workplace, a local congregation or a multi-campus university, you can create activities and initiatives to encourage, promote and celebrate Fairtrade.

Every action – small or big - creates a ripple effect that will benefit the farmers and workers that depend on the Fairtrade system. So whether it’s making sure your morning tea is Fairtrade certified, or working to make your school Fair Trade designated, when you choose Fairtrade, farmers and workers can invest in themselves and their families and educate their children, improve their housing, and earn more for their crops.

Here are five ideas to get you started.

1. Participate in a Fairtrade promotion

  • Fairtrade Month in May is the biggest Fairtrade event of the year! Whether you’re a retailer, business or licensee, or a concerned citizen, we have a full digital toolkit with resource guides and much more, as well as free online materials to help you plan and participate.
  • Fair Trade Campus Week is when students, businesses and brands all culminate during one week in September to make a big Fairtrade impression on campus. Use our resources to get yourselves ready!

2. Get involved and get Fair Trade designated!

3. Share content and tell your own story

  • Generate conversation about the benefits of Fairtrade by connecting with us on social media, reading our blog and newsletters or simply by tagging and using hashtags to help others find, follow and share.

4. Use your voice to influence

  • Using your postal code, find your local Member of Parliament (MP) and email, call or visit and ask how you can work together in your community to empower Fairtrade farmers and workers.
  • Build a free petition online and get everyday citizens lending their voice to advocate for Fairtrade. Target your local MP and get signatures from people who support or are interested in Fairtrade.

5. Make Fairtrade visible

  • We have plenty of FREE resources available to help you to take action. You can download our selection of videos, read our business or community resource guides, or order and get delivered to your door buttons, stickers or posters. Check out all our materials and resources.

We’re here to help. Contact us with your questions and ask us how we can support your efforts to feed the empowerment of Fairtrade farmers and workers.