Don't Feed Exploitation


Millions of farmers and workers in the Global South work hard to provide the things we depend on every day – the coffee in our mugs, the bananas in our breakfast, the tea at our break, the chocolate pick-me-up snack.

Since many of us consume these items on a daily basis, we may think that by simply purchasing these goods, the farmers and workers who produce them will benefit. But unless those goods are sustainably sourced and traded under terms like with Fairtrade, they often don’t. Global supply chains and a legacy of trade exploitation often squeeze out the most vulnerable, and keep the poorest link in that chain from thriving – the farmers themselves.

Don’t feed exploitation – instead, choose Fairtrade which pays farmers and workers a decent and fair wage. You support and feed their empowerment as real lives get changed through Fairtrade. See how you can take action to help.

  • Fairtrade Producer

    The Cost of Exploitation

    Right now, millions of hardworking farmers in marginalized countries aren’t paid enough to support their families. Yet every day, they provide the food we eat and the products we depend on.

  • Ecuador

    Real Lives

    Beatrice, Wilson, Reina and Ben face a struggle to get by. They need to sell more of their Fairtrade products to meet their challenges and build better lives for their families and communities.

  • Fairtrade Producer

    Take Action

    Many of the farmers who grow the products we love are trapped in poverty. Act now to help feed empowerment.