Fairtrade Month at Retail

During Fairtrade Month, retailers will be showcasing to shoppers the wide variety of Fairtrade products that they have in store.

Bunkend DisplayWhen you shop at these retailers, you are supporting all the people involved that buy their finished goods (like bananas), or raw goods (like cocoa beans) from Fairtrade farms in the Global South. Most importantly, when you choose Fairtrade, you empower the hardworking farmers and worker communities to grow, develop and sustain future production.

As a consumer, check out our list of retailers who are participating in Fairtrade Month so you can purchase Fairtrade products in your area. Look for signage in-store, Fairtrade products on promotion, and even samples from a demonstration table!

Don’t see a local retailer in your area promoting Fairtrade products for Fairtrade Month? Ask them to change that! Put them in touch with us at retail@fairtrade.ca - we can support them with promotional material, and connect them with companies that distribute Fairtrade products so that your favorite retailer can stock more of your favorite Fairtrade items in-store.

If you are a retailer, be sure to get your FREE Fairtrade Month point-of-sale kit* shipped directly to your store. You can also check out our online selection of free promotional materials including fact sheets, posters, stickers and more, as well as our Fairtrade Month digital toolkit - a Dropbox folder with social media images and messages, web banners and much more. 

*Kits are available while supplies last by contacting retail@fairtrade.ca. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery.