Fairtrade Month in your Community

It’s time to get together as many people as possible in your community, school or workplace to help empower the farmers and workers that work hard for the things we depend on.

Mois FairtradeHow? We have lots of ideas on what you can do to get active and have fun during Fairtrade Month - the biggest Fairtrade event of the year! Whether you’re a small town or a national workplace, a local congregation or a multi-campus university, you can create activities and initiatives to encourage people to choose Fairtrade.

Our Fair Trade Programs are a great place to start if you don’t already have a Fair Trade designation. You can also try one of these fun activities!

You can get more details about these activities along with more ideas and resources by downloading our FREE Resource Guide for Communities and by accessing our FREE digital toolkit - a Dropbox folder with social media images and messages, web banners, and much more.

Why not join fair trade supporters around the world and schedule your activity to coincide with World Fair Trade Day on Saturday May 12th?

Whether you are getting Fair Trade designated, doing a fun activity for Fairtrade Month, or celebrating with other global like-minded fair traders on World Fair Trade Day, download our FREE promotional materials (posters, fact sheets, and more!) to help make your activity a success. We also have free buttons, stickers and other materials that you can order online – and shipping is free! (please allow 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery).

Whatever way you choose to celebrate Fairtrade this month, we’d love to help you shine the light on your activity - email us at action@fairtrade.ca and let us know! Don’t forget to include an estimate of the number of people who will participate in your activity.