Fairtrade Month for Campaigners

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Each day we make what may seem to us like small decisions – Where should I grab a coffee? What kind of tea should I get for my book club meet-up? Which chocolate bar will I treat myself to?

Mois Fairtrade

But these small decisions are inextricably linked to the livelihoods of other fellow human beings. That latte may have been made possible by a farmer in Honduras who has been harvesting coffee for generations. Or maybe the tea you served at book club was picked by a woman who is struggling to put her child through school. What may be small, everyday decisions to us can have a big impact on the lives of farmers and workers in the Global South.

This Fairtrade Month, we’re asking you to remember the connection we have to the people who make the things we love. We’re asking you to #FeedEmpowerment by making Fairtrade part of your everyday.

Action Guide

Win Fairtrade Goodies

Join us on our social channels for weekly challenges and the chance to win great prizes.

Fairtrade Month Challenges

Order your Fairtrade Materials

Visit the Fairtrade online shop to order your free community event handouts, baking flags and stencils, recipe cards, infographics, and more to help bring Fairtrade Month to life near you. 

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Fairtrade Month Digital Toolkit

Engage your digital community with the Fairtrade Month Digital Toolkit. You will find a host of digital assets, from photos, videos, social media banners, and more.

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Shop Fairtrade

During Fairtrade Month be sure to support retailers who are committed to Fairtrade - you can find certified products in a number of national or regional chains as well as hundreds of local independent stores. Many will be putting on product samples, promotions and other events during May.

Participating Retailers

Host a Fairtrade Month Event

  • Hold  a Fairtrade bake-off using our Fairtrade Recipes
  • Plan chocolate or coffee tastings (or both!)
  • Host a Fairtrade Break at your work
  • Screen a movie that explores trade justice issues 
  • Launch a Fair Trade designation initiative

Cook with Fairtrade

Treat your family and friends to some delicious fair trade foods with recipes from our licensees and partners. Be sure to look for the FAIRTRADE Mark when shopping for ingredients. Visit our COOKING WITH FAIRTRADE page for more recipes.