Fairtrade Month for Business

Many businesses are involved with buying, selling or distributing Fairtrade products, and they all play a role in empowering the 1.66 million farmers and workers in the Global South who are part of the Fairtrade system.

Fairtrade MonthThis year’s Fairtrade Month is about building the positive connections between the consumers that buy products, and the producers that make them.

As a business, it’s a great opportunity to talk to your customers about transparency in supply chains, your links to farmers and workers, and how you work with Fairtrade.

You can increase your Fairtrade sales this Fairtrade Month by:

  • Downloading our FREE promotional materials for in-store and online use;
  • Downloading our FREE Resource Guide for Business;
  • Accessing our FREE digital toolkit - a dropbox folder with social media images and messages, web banners, and much more;
  • Taking advantage of the increased awareness around Fairtrade and creating Fairtrade promotions;
  • Launching new Fairtrade products and special offers.

Shoppers increasingly want to buy from businesses who want to change trade to make it fairer, so why not emphasize your commitment to Fairtrade this Fairtrade Month to reach more ethical consumers?

Contact your Fairtrade Account Manager or email us at retail@fairtrade.ca to learn more.