Become a Fair Trade Town

Each Fair Trade Town campaign is unique and the way in which Fair Trade designation is achieved will be different for every community. These are some ideas and suggestions on how to get started, get people involved, and get inspired!

Why become a Fair Trade Town

  • To distinguish your community as a leader and to confirm your commitment to supporting the principles of fair trade, including a fair price, respect for labour standards, environmental sustainability, and more direct and equitable trade
  • To improve the livelihoods of millions of farmers and workers in the Global South who benefit from fair trade
  • To create awareness and encourage local citizens to make ethical and sustainable choices
  • To unite your community in a common cause
  • To have fun and be creative

Check out this video made by Fairtrade Foundation in the UK about how you can energize your community to change the world. 

How to get started

The Fair Trade Town designation is awarded to communities that meet all the criteria within these five requirements.

  1. Steering Committee: a local Committee must be formed of both active community volunteers and a group of leadership members that will meet regularly to ensure continued commitment
  2. Product Availability: there must be Fairtrade certified products available throughout the Town in proportion to the size of its population; Our Canadian Fairtrade Purchasing Guide can be used by retailers and community groups to source Fairtrade certified products.
  3. Public Awareness and Education: events and activities must be organized to generate educational opportunities and media engagement for fair trade and the town seeking designation
  4. Community Support: local businesses and schools including other potential partners and community groups are required to support fair trade and the Town in their operations and awareness-raising activities
  5. Political Support: the local municipal authority must commit to sourcing and purchasing Fairtrade certified products in addition to participating and supporting the Town’s Fair Trade status

Pre-designation materials

Refer to these Fair Trade Town resource materials to help inform and educate those in your community that want to get started. The Action Guide will provide details on the requirements along with step by step instructions to guide you towards designation.

If you have questions or require additional information, contact Fairtrade Canada, the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN), or the Association Québécoise du Commerce Équitable (AQCÉ) to learn more.