Fair Trade Schools

When schools focus on fair trade, they show solidarity with children in poorer countries. When Fairtrade certified products are used, farmers' children get a chance to go to school while their families have a brighter future. That connection brings us together in a powerful global movement for change.

At its core, the Fair Trade School Program is about educating Canada’s young leaders of tomorrow to understand the connection between our food supply and the people that grow our food on a daily basis. For teachers and students, fair trade provides a valuable framework to introduce these topics, and a chance to personally explore the impact to children and communities in the Global South.

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    Become a Fair Trade School

    Becoming Fair Trade designated requires bringing together groups of engaged and knowledgeable members from a school’s community to ensure that fair trade and Fairtrade certified products are incorporated into a school’s activities and throughout the year. 

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    The Canadian Teachers’ Federation in partnership with Fairtrade Canada is seeking schools to pursue and achieve Fair Trade School designation.

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    Involve the School

    Learning about fair trade and creating activities around Fairtrade certified products creates active involvement and engagement of students, helping them to be goal-oriented and understand new things. 

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    Designated Fair Trade Schools

    There are currently 24 schools in Canada that are Fair Trade designated and there are many more on the way! Is your school next?