Involve the faith group

Faith groups incorporate Fair Trade themes into worship and organize hundreds of events throughout the year to support trade justice and help alleviate poverty.

The Faith Group Program represents an opportunity for congregants to learn about the effect that fair wages has on individuals, families and communities. It becomes a critical topic to discuss that helps move people to being more mindful and acting as ethical consumers.

Get congregants involved and make fair trade a visible commitment within your faith group. Posters, brochures or stickers are great ways to show that you are proud to be working together as part of a global community. 

What about the faith group across town or in a neighboring community? Let them know about your Fair Trade Faith Group designation and challenge them to do the same!

Faith group materials

We have promotional materials that you can use that will help promote and engage as well as show support for your faith group designation.

Contact for any additional information or material to help move your efforts forward.