Become a Fair Trade Campus

Universities, colleges and CEGEPs are known for providing higher education and have a rich history of leadership in supporting social justice and generating new ideas. They are also powerful agents of change with significant purchasing policies that can impact their community as well as the farmers and workers in the Global South.

How to get started

Any college, university or CEGEP can be designated a Fair Trade Campus once it has met a series of criteria that fall within three distinct requirements:

  1. Steering Committee: a local Committee must be formed of both volunteers and administrative representatives that will meet regularly to achieve designation ensure continued commitment
  2. Product Availability: there must be Fairtrade certified products at all food service locations under the Campus’ control including those operated by caterers and food service companies; Our Canadian Fairtrade Purchasing Guide can be used by retailers and community groups to source Fairtrade certified products.
  3. Visibility and Education: events and activities must be organized to communicate the availability of Fairtrade products and educate the Campus about what fair trade means

Pre-designation materials

Refer to these Fair Trade Campus resource materials to help inform and educate those on your steering committee and those on campus that want to get involved. The Action Guide will provide details on the requirements along a self-audit checklist to help further your goals towards designation.

If you have question or require additional information, contact Fairtrade Canada, the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN), or the Association Québécoise du Commerce Équitable (AQCÉ) to learn more.