Involve your community

As a Fair Trade Ambassador, you have the power to change lives!

Individuals are the building blocks of any social movement and the instigators of system-wide change. Ambassadors inspire people by contributing their time and skills to empower others within communities to act and become Fair Trade Ambassadors themselves.

Your community is a great starting point to meet individuals and groups and share in your passion for fair trade. Can you help your Town or School become Fair Trade designated? Can you set up a fair trade table at the local festival that will help educate those that attend about fair trade? What about making that festival a Fair Trade Event?

There are a lot of opportunities and a bunch of free materials you can use to support your initiatives. And don’t forget about the friendly and helpful fair trade support network as well! Your influence and drive to effect global change will inspire others to follow suit – together, we can build a more sustainable and just world.


We have promotional materials available that will be useful for you to help others and educate about fair trade.

Contact for any additional information or material to help move your efforts forward.