Fair Trade Programs

With hundreds of individuals and civil society groups active through Fair Trade Programs like Towns, Campuses, Schools, Faith Groups, Workplaces, Events and Ambassadors, there are lots of ways to get involved with Fairtrade in your community.

We run Programs with local community groups and civil society organizations (CSOs) aimed at boosting awareness and understanding of trade issues, and promoting the purchase of Fairtrade products as a way for everyone, no matter who they are, to use the power of their purchase to make a difference in the lives of farmers and workers.

These Programs comprise objectives and requirements that once achieved, will grant the Campus, Town, School, Faith Group, Workplace, Ambassador or Event an official designation from Fairtrade Canada. Once a local group or an individual declares its designation as a Fair Trade Town (or School or Campus or Event or Faith Group or Workplace or Ambassador), it or they must be committed to continue campaigning and raising awareness.

There are many resources available to support and guide you through the designation process. Contact Fairtrade Canada, the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN), or the Association Québécoise du Commerce Équitable (AQCÉ) to learn more.

To find out how you can get started right away, see below.

Don’t see the Program you’re looking for or have other ways you want to involve your community with Fair Trade? Send us your ideas or comments by email. We love to get your feedback!

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  • Fair Trade Programs Map

    Fair Trade Programs Map

    Our map shows the dozens of designated Fair Trade Programs from coast-to-coast. 

  • Fair Trade Town

    Fair Trade Towns

    Make your city, town, municipality or village a Fair Trade Town.

  • Fair Trade Campus

    Fair Trade Campuses

    All across Canada, students at universities, colleges and CEGEPs are doing great things to make their campuses more ethical.

  • Fair Trade Schools

    Fair Trade Schools

    When schools focus on fair trade, they show solidarity with children in poorer countries. When Fairtrade certified products are used, farmers' children get a chance to go to school while their families have a brighter future. That connection brings us together in a powerful global movement for change.

  • Event

    Fair Trade Events

    Make your special event an even bigger reason to celebrate by making it Fair Trade!

  • Fair Trade Workplace

    Fair Trade Workplaces

    You can change the world simply by offering Fairtrade products to your staff and visitors in your workplace.

  • Fair Trade Faith Groups

    Fair Trade Faith Groups

    Your church, synagogue, mosque, temple or diocese can join the fight for fairer terms of trade by becoming a Fair Trade place of worship.

  • Fair Trade Ambassadors

    Fair Trade Ambassadors

    Be a leader in social justice and help people to become global citizens.