Fairtrade is an opportunity to do good while doing good business, and carrying Fairtrade certified products is the simplest way for your customers to know if something is genuinely benefitting farmers and workers in the Global South.

Whether you know it or not, you may already be selling Fairtrade certified products and their potential for your business is significant.

Why Stock Fairtrade

Simply put, consumers are looking for companies that source products ethically and are able to prove it.

In a 2014 Nielsen study, 45% of Canadians have purchased at least one product from a socially responsible company in the past 6 months and 40% are willing to pay extra for products from companies that are committed to making a social and environmental impact (up from 33% in 2011). An IPSOS study from 2014 studied Canadian attitudes towards corporate citizenship and found that 84% of Canadians would likely switch brands to one affiliated with a good cause if the price and quality were similar.

Fairtrade certified products adhere to social, economic and environmental standards and are independently third-party audited by FLOCERT to ensure that the Fairtrade price and Fairtrade Premium is paid.

The Opportunity at Retail in Canada

Eighty-nine (89%) of Canadian consumers who have seen the FAIRTRADE Mark trust it. More than 3 in 4 Canadians who have seen the FAIRTRADE Mark say that it positively impacts on their perceptions of labeled products.

There is also a strong consensus among consumers (69%) that products associated with Fairtrade make it easy for Canadians to decide if a product is ethically produced, with 76% relating Fairtrade to the socio-economic conditions of farmers with “a fair price paid to producers”. (Globescan 2015)

The same study reveals that perceived availability of Fairtrade products in store remains low at 38% although having increased from 21% since 2011. This presents you with a unique business opportunity to provide Canadian customers with Fairtrade certified products that they are proud to be seen with, reflects their personal values, and delivers a “product” at a “fair” price. (Globescan 2015)

How to Stock Fairtrade

You may already sell Fairtrade certified products but are looking to increase your offering or add value to your private labeled brand with the FAIRTRADE Mark.

 In fact, your current suppliers might already be dealing with products coming from Fairtrade certified producers – just ask them. Fairtrade Canada’s Category Specialists can also provide you with additional help and supply chain information, or browse our list of Fairtrade registered companies.

Visit our Materials and Resources page in the Business category to get support with POS Merchandising and General support materials to increase the visibility of your Fairtrade products at retail.