Upcoming business events

Be a part of Fairtrade Month 2017

There are so many activities and promotions that you can get involved in during Fairtrade Month that can make a difference to your Fairtrade business.


Fairtrade Month is so much more than a marketing campaign. It is the biggest month of the year to celebrate Fairtrade as it galvanises all of our stakeholders, from thousands of Fairtrade supporters to independent coffee shops, major national retailers to well-known brands, local media to local citizens – who all come together to promote Fairtrade to Canadians.

Fairtrade Month is a great opportunity for your business to:

  • drive sales
  • build your brand cost effectively
  • talk about your Fairtrade commitment
  • reach new audiences

Check out our extensive list of promotions for May:

  1. Fairtrade Month Retail Promotion
  2. Fairtrade Category of the Month
  3. World Fairtrade Challenge
  4. World Fair Trade Day


If you’d like to know more about Fairtrade Month, please contact our Commercial Team at retail@fairtrade.ca or our Marketing Team at communications@fairtrade.ca