Bean Fair

Bean Fair

Our Fairtrade Story

Bean FairAs one of the first 10 Fairtrade Certified businesses in Canada, Bean Fair considers Fairtrade as a calling as much as a business! Back in the day hardly anyone knew what it meant, so there was a lot of outreach about how buying great coffee could help change the world and the way business is done.  We’re happy to support Fairtrade Canada in getting the word out about all things Fairtrade!! We look forward to the day when stores have HUGE selections of Fairtrade items flying off the shelves. The day when buying quality, ethical products is the norm!

Bean Fair began working with Fairtrade Canada in 1997 – 20 years in 2017! Anne Winship of Bean Fair spearheaded the designation of Wakefield, La Pêche as the 1st Fair Trade Village in Quebec (2nd in Canada!) Our Fair Trade Fair every May is always a popular Wakefield event. Check out our Facebook page. 

Why should consumers choose our Fairtrade Certified products?

Bean FairConsumers in the Ottawa-Gatineau region may want to buy beans from our small business since Bean Fair is all Fair trade, all organic, even Carbon Neutral. Our bags are compostable, and it’s because of environmental concerns we choose to only sell regionally. There are now plenty of great Fairtrade coffee businesses across the country!  In our home territory we often hear customer comments like: “My daughter bought coffee in Ottawa…..her words 'I love it, I crave it!'” 

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