Using the FAIRTRADE Mark

Whether you are a business looking to sell Fairtrade products, or a partner such as a designated Fair Trade Town, Campus or School, there are important things to know about how the FAIRTRADE Mark can be used.

FAIRTRADE MarkThe FAIRTRADE Mark is a registered certification label for products sourced from producers in the Global South. The FAIRTRADE Mark is the exclusive property of Fairtrade International and is internationally registered as a Canadian trademark (#TMA872494).

The FAIRTRADE Mark can only be used on:

  • Packaging for products certified in accordance with Fairtrade Standards. To do this you must sign a licensee contract with Fairtrade Canada. Contact Helen Reimer, our Director of Business Development, to start this process, and learn more in our For Business section.
  • Promotional materials to educate and promote Fairtrade, the Mark and products that are Fairtrade-certified. Contact to learn more.