How to Join #ChatFairtrade

Think of a Twitter Chat as a party or an event that only takes place on Twitter. Anyone can join if they use the same hashtag (ours is #ChatFairtrade). All messages are public and it’s a great way to talk about a single subject with others who care about it too, no matter where they are in the world. 

How does it work?

After a brief introduction, Fairtrade Canada will kick off the Twitter Chat with a first question. You can expect about 6 to 10 questions during a Twitter Chat. To join the conversation, you can reply to any question by using the hashtag #ChatFairtrade to make sure we can all see it. So, for example we might ask: “Q2: What is your favourite Fairtrade product?” And you might reply: “A2: I love Fairtrade bananas!” After you answer the final question, we’ll thank you and everyone for participating. Feel free to answer in English or in French, questions from us will always be asked in both languages.

How do I join and make sure I am following along?

Sign onto Twitter at the time and day of the Twitter Chat you want to join. Start following the conversation and join in by adding the hashtag #ChatFairtrade to the end of every tweet. That way, all other participants will see it.

The easiest way to follow along is to keep an eye on Fairtrade Canada’s Twitter page for new questions and to do a search for #ChatFairtrade to see others’ answers. If someone says something interesting, you can start a conversation with them until the next question is asked. Making new friends is encouraged.

What if I don’t have a Twitter account?

All Twitter accounts are free and you can sign up here. Twitter is a great way to follow news, connect with larger audience and share your thoughts on things you care about. Make sure you follow us @FairtradeCanada! Make sure to also consult the list of social media details of sponsoring brands and campuses available via our Fair Trade Campus Week digital toolkit.

What is the next Twitter Chat about?

Join our first ever #ChatFairtrade on September 26, 2017 at 4pm ET as we discuss Fair Trade Campus Week. Chat with Fairtrade Canada, AQCÉ, CFTN, participating campuses, WUSC local committees, EWB local chapters, Fair Trade Programs and sponsoring brands.

As part of our continuing 20th anniversary celebration, we will be drawing a prize for a bag full of Fairtrade goodies! Make sure you participate in the Twitter Chat for your chance to win. Details about our monthly giveaway here.