Fair Trade Campus Week

Fair Trade Campus Week is a fun-filled week bursting with activities where Campus life and businesses intersect to create tremendous educational and promotional opportunities for all. 

It is the opportunity to celebrate the fair trade movement and Fairtrade certified products in Campuses across Canada! Mark your calendar as in 2017 it falls the week of September 25-29! We work closely with all our partners to help supply ideas, creative collateral, artwork designs and more to help make Fair Trade Campus Week a success. For any inquiries in regards to this initiative and the details found below, contact us at action@fairtrade.ca.

To learn more about what it means to be a Fair Trade Campus, click here.

Fairtrade product donation

Fair Trade Campus Week helps facilitate a dialogue between suppliers and campuses on the subject of new products.

Kim Chackal – Sales Manager, Equifruit, Inc.

During the summer, we reach out to companies willing to donate Fairtrade products and to campuses needing products so that we can coordinate their distribution. 

Huge thanks to the companies and the campuses that have filled out the forms in order to participate. Please note that both deadlines have now passed and the matching process has begun. Participating stakeholders will receive details by the end of August.

Click here to find out which companies are participating in 2017.

World's Largest Fair Trade Bake Sale

Fair Trade Bake Sale

An initiative led by Canadian campuses, and as part of Fair Trade Campus Week, the World’s Largest Fair Trade Bake Sale is taking place on Thursday September 28. It is an opportunity where everyone comes together to celebrate Fairtrade. If you want to participate by selling baked goods or by sponsoring, please get in touch at action@fairtrade.ca. Stay tuned for more details!

National campus activities across Canada

Close to 50 Campuses from coast to coast are participating! Find out if your Campus is participating by consulting our list. If your Campus is not listed but should be, let us know!

Social media

Bookmark our Tumblr page to stay in the loop. Visit our 2016 Storify to see all of the activities that took place.

Resource materials

In order to support your activities, we have social media posts and images, producer images, a Fair Trade Campus Week logo and much more.  Visit our Materials section.

Don't forget that it is also possible to order free promotional materials: don't delay to ensure the materials reach you on time!


Did you know that in 2016, 43 campuses took part in the Week? Consult our blog and contact us if you would like to get a copy of our Fair Trade Campus Week 2016 report.