Current Promotions

Find out about our current promotions and join us in demanding a fair deal for farmers and workers.

We’ve developed promotions to raise awareness of the needs of producers in the Global South, convince people of the good reasons to buy Fairtrade products, and educate about how to make trade fair.

Here you can find out about our promotions that run throughout the year, how you can join a local fair trade group, or learn more about Fairtrade and our product categories.

  • Anniversary

    20th Anniversary

    2017 is a big year for Canada and for Fairtrade in Canada as we celebrate our 20th anniversary!

  • Juan


    Every month Fairtrade Canada puts the spotlight on one or more Fairtrade certified product categories. This December, as winter gets underway, we’re looking forward to filling our homes with the delicious scents of freshly baked holiday goodies made using Fairtrade certified sugar, herbs, spices and other baking goods. Whether you’re making treats for your family gatherings, or dishes to bring to office potlucks, look for the FAIRTRADE Mark when shopping to be sure that your sweet and savoury ingredients make a difference to farmers and workers who are marginalized by trade.

  • Fairtrade Month

    Fairtrade Month

    Thank you for your interest in Fairtrade Month, which takes place every May in Canada. Celebrations for 2017 are now over, but check back here next spring for the 2018 events. (If you’ve landed here in the fall, it’s because our neighbours in the United States mark Fair Trade Month in October – visit our friends at Fairtrade America to see what they have lined up.)

  • world fairtrade day

    World Fair Trade Day

    Citizen groups, volunteers and activists in Canada and around the world will be participating in World Fair Trade Day to promote and educate about fair trade in their towns and communities. 

  • 2017 Awards

    Canadian Fairtrade Awards

    The Canadian Fairtrade Awards recognize exceptional Fairtrade supporters, partners and allies, including retailers, traders, towns and campuses. Celebrate with us best-in-class Fairtrade performance! 

  • Fair Trade Campus Week

    Fair Trade Campus Week

    Fair Trade Campus Week is a fun-filled week bursting with activities where Campus life and businesses intersect to create tremendous educational and promotional opportunities for all.