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Our Fairtrade Story

Before we worked with Fairtrade we saw the positive social impact the floral industry was making in many communities. Many farm owners treated employees like family members and took great pride in providing more than employment. We were first exposed to Fairtrade in the floral industry by one of those farms who explained how the program could contribute even more to the local community. At that time the market in Canada was struggling due to the economic downturn of 2008 and conditions were not favorable to launch the program. Another company in our industry did launch the program shortly after and when the owner retired in mid-2014 we were excited to take over the program with the goal of growing it, which we have.

The projects supported by Fairtrade premiums through the workers associations have a real impact on people’s daily lives.


Fairtrade still makes up a very small percentage of our sales and we would love to see a day when every rose we sell is Fairtrade certified. If the entire industry sold only certified roses, the impact from that would be incredible. We continue to educate our industry and the consumer and to participate in Fairtrade events as we believe that awareness of Fairtrade flowers benefits all Fairtrade products.

Why should consumers choose our Fairtrade Certified products?

When consumers purchase Fairtrade certified flowers they are supporting a business in their community that believes in supporting other communities. That support helps fund projects like the housing project in these videos: part 1, part 2, part 3. It also supports more projects like daycare and private education for workers' children, dental clinics for the workers' communities, micro loans for training or to start another small family business, mobile medical clinics, community washing machines, and so much more. 

Working in the floral industry we see the joy and happiness flowers bring to people every day. Working with Fairtrade we see the same joy and happiness brought to the communities which produce our flowers. The projects supported by Fairtrade premiums through the workers associations have a real impact on people’s daily lives and there is no stronger motivation than helping those who help us succeed.

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