Our Fairtrade Story

Equifruit is 100% Fairtrade:  it’s woven into all of our values (Putting People First, Building Strong Communities, Traceability and Transparency) and we live these values every day.  We see ourselves as the sales & marketing arm of our producer partners, who would otherwise not have access to the Canadian market and be forced to sell to local middlemen for a pittance of Fairtrade prices.  We work closely with our producers, and the impact which Fairtrade has had on them and their communities is tangible, and inspires us to sell more of their fruit. 

Your Fairtrade purchase makes a real difference for marginalized farmers and their families.


Equifruit has been certified by Fairtrade Canada since 2007.  We’re a very active licensee, and we see part of our mission as working to educate Canadians to the benefits of Fairtrade.  We’ve had our bananas at dozens of Fairtrade campus and school events, and we’ve worked with Fair Trade Towns to help them spread the word about making fruit fair.

Why should consumers choose our Fairtrade Certified products?

For one thing, our bananas are DELISH!  A great quality product has to be a first criteria, because at its base, Fairtrade is trade, it’s business.  But of course, beyond great tasting fruit, your Fairtrade purchase makes a real difference for marginalized farmers and their families.

Thanks to the work of Fairtrade International, Fairtrade bananas are now commonplace in Europe.  Fully one third of bananas in the UK are Fairtrade-certified – while we’re at less than one percent here in Canada.  This European success shows us that the global Fairtrade system can build market scale and that consumers are looking for a reliable label to guide their ethical choices.  With these strengths, we hope to achieve much greater accessibility of Fairtrade-certified fruit across Canada in the next 10 years.

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