Earth's General Store

Earth's General Store

Our Fairtrade Story

I think most people like to receive recognition and respect for what they do. The people that grow and produce our food our food items have usually been disrespected and even more so in ‘underdeveloped’ nations.  The Fairtrade system offers me a solution; one where producers are paid better than the exploitive system many commodities like coffee rely on.

We work to combine the many aspects of respectable and mutually beneficial trade with environmental/regenerative/sustainable production and social benefit.  We source Fairtrade and organic certified products – those we know have been produced with respect for people and planet.

Earth's General Store has been involved working with fair trade since 1991 when we opened our store. We hosted what we believe was Canada’s first Fair Trade Fair on May 9th, 1993 with Ten Days for Global Justice (now called Kairos) in Edmonton. We have been involved in hosting many other fair trade events in Edmonton. In 2014, we were recognized by Fair Trade Edmonton as being instrumental in helping Edmonton become more Fair Trade savvy.

Why should consumers choose our Fairtrade Certified products?

When a person is employed and enjoys proper recognition for their work – through praise, integration, and by a pay rate that they think is fair -- they feel valued and empowered. It is the same for everyone. Why should my purchases be at the expense of someone else somewhere else in the world? Each person deserves to be recognized and to receive a fair pay for their labour in order to provide for themselves and their family.

When we truly respect nature and people we will achieve a really sustainable planet and societies. Only by valuing labour, reducing our negative impact on the ecosystems, and providing justice for all will our societies find peace. Consume Less. Consume Wisely. Consume Fairly. Consume Locally… and as always Love Lots More.

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