Alternative Grounds

Alternative Grounds

Our Fairtrade Story

Alternative GroundsWhen we opened in 1995 there was very little fair trade let alone Fairtrade certification here in Canada. People called me crazy and said it would never work when I mentioned I was opening a fair trade roastery and café. How times change! Then, as always I would argue, there were lots of interesting people, projects and ideas committed to making positive change in peoples’ lives and for the planet. Fairtrade and coffee were our entry point into developing a broader conversation about the connections between people and the planet, our actions and ability to choose and influence local and global movements for equity and justice. Clearly, much that is interesting in life happens over a shared table and a great cup of coffee!

Alternative Grounds was one of the very first companies to work with Fairtrade Canada, certifying our first products in 1997. In addition to being the first certified Fairtrade roaster in Ontario, Alternative Grounds was also the first Canadian member of Cooperative Coffees , which has been instrumental in piloting the move towards solidarity and transparency with our producer partners.

Why should consumers choose our Fairtrade Certified products?

Alternative GroundsWe roast and custom blend our coffees daily so that the coffee you are buying is always fresh and unique. Purchasing your coffee at Alternative Grounds means you purchase coffee of the highest quality that is fresh roasted, and supports the people who actually grow the beans and are stewards of the land. You are also helping to show that there are other ways of doing business, ways based on mutual trust, cooperation and respect. 

The past 21 years has brought amazing interest in and recognition of, the impact socially and environmentally we all can have as Citizens of this planet - for better and for worse! We have enjoyed the journey and look forward to the continued evolution of Fairtrade into a meaningful tool in enabling producers to participate and share equally.  Making trade fair period.

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