Fairtrade Canada MVPs

Fairtrade Canada’s Most Valuable Players are companies who go above and beyond in their commitment to producers and Fairtrade certified products. These are companies that stand out for their embodiment of Fairtrade Canada’s values, engagement with Fairtrade Canada promotions, and proactive consumer education.

Who can be an MVP

Company is a registered operator of Fairtrade Canada (licensee, sub-license or trader)

Mandatory Requirements

  • 95%+ of company’s product range that can be Fairtrade is Fairtrade (carries the FAIRTRADE Mark)
  • Long term commitment to Fairtrade via relationship with Fairtrade Canada
  • Company is in good standing financially with Fairtrade Canada and demonstrates commitment to compliance with the Fairtrade standards, including audits, record keeping and reporting systems, etc.

Additionally, as many of the additional requirements as possible

  • Company actively engages with Fairtrade Canada promotions and campaigns, and promotes Fairtrade in their own work
  • Company supports new Fairtrade business (via private label, sub-licensees, clients, encouraging new partners, etc.)
  • Company demonstrates supply chain commitment and engagement
  • Conducts consumer education and awareness on Fairtrade
  • Involvement with Fairtrade projects on the ground in addition to Fairtrade Premium projects (e.g. projects with producers, Voluntary Best Practices, Fairtrade Carbon Credits)


 Alternative Grounds

Alternative Grounds was one of the very first companies to work with Fairtrade Canada, certifying our first products in 1997.  Read more

 Bean Fair

As one of the first 10 Fairtrade businesses in Canada, Bean Fair considers Fairtrade as a calling as much as a business! Read more

 Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's is committed to sourcing Fairtrade ingredients as a way to improve the livelihoods of small family farmers around the world. We began working with Fairtrade to transition all products globally to use Fairtrade ingredients in 2014. Read more

 Discovery Organics

At Discovery Organics, we believe in paying a fair wage, supporting small-scale farmers and endeavoring to help them build a market for their crops so they make enough money to cover the cost of production plus a fair profit on the crops we buy. Read more

 Earth's General Store

The people that grow and produce our food our food items have usually been disrespected and even more so in ‘underdeveloped’ nations.  The Fairtrade system offers Earth's General Store a solution; one where producers are paid better than the exploitive system many commodities like coffee rely on. Read more


For Equifruit, a great quality product has to be a first criteria, because at its base, Fairtrade is trade, it’s business.  But of course, beyond great tasting fruit, your Fairtrade purchase makes a real difference for marginalized farmers and their families. Read more

 Ethical Bean

At Ethical Bean, we believe that when it comes to sustainability initiatives, third party verification is the gold standard. Working with Fairtrade Canada is ideal as it is a trusted and independently monitored certification body. Read more

 Florists Supply

When consumers purchase Fairtrade certified flowers sourced by Florists Supply Ltd they are supporting a business in their community that believes in supporting other communities. Read more

 Karité Delapointe

True to our fair trade mission, Karité Delapointe is determined to use the highest possible amounts of shea butter in all its products, sometimes at the expense of profits. Read more

 Kicking Horse

At Kicking Horse Coffee, we want our coffee to taste great, and we want to feel great about our story too. Thanks to Fairtrade, we do. Read more